The Ten Weekend Scalleywag Scavenger Hunt

Saturday Oct 21 2017


San Jose State University Fountain

Our classic Scalleywag Scavenger Hunt, not witnessed in its full glory since 2009! Part Scavenger Hunt, part alley cat, all fun. Everyone of all ages and skills are invited.

Form a ship of 3-5 scalleywags, dress in your best pirate attire! We will be sending you on treasure hunt seeking photos, videos, and items. The event ends downtown at Rosevelt park a celebration of winners and merriment.

Entry fee is $5 that pays for winners awards, cash and prizes.

Awards go to best team costume, fastest completion, and funniest photos/videos.

Don’t have a team? Come solo and we will place you on a ship. All ships need a charged smartphone, pubilc instagram account, a bike, and a heart for adventure to participate.

Amazing Ride Art by Benjamin Henderson
Instragram: @ohmaigawd