The 10 Ride – Oct 20, 2017 With Turn By Turn

Join The San Jose Bike Party 10 Ride!

San Jose Bike Party is celebrating TEN YEARS with a VOLTRON START!

Dj Sharkie and Dj Live and Guerillaz in Da Mixx will be bringing you the regroup beats at the mobile dance floor.

Voltron Start? What the heck is that?!
A Voltron Start is where we have multiple places for you and your squad to start your adventure placed all over San Jose.

Be on time and ready to roll by 7:45pm so that you don’t miss a thing. At the start of the ride, we will hand out paper routes. The groups will all roll out from their positions at 8pm following the music bikes; and will converge upon each other and continue on to our epic secret rendezvous point. The overall miles may be a little shorter than our normal rides; but will have a really long, amazing regroup in our secret sick spot. So…check out our starting locations and talk amongst yourselves to determine which start works best for you!The weather is turning colder; and it’s getting darker earlier – so please be sure to bring layers and charge all the things! You will want to bring a lock to secure your bike so you can venture around the epic regroup!

REMEMBER: Be on time at the start positions! Paper routes will be handed out! Follow the Music Bike!

Okay. So where do we start? We have FOUR LOCATIONS: South, East, SouthWest, and West.


Capitol Cal Train Station; Monterey Road / Fehren Drive; San Jose, CA
Google Map Link:
Ride Leader: Bryan Nagar

Falla’s Discount Store; 375 N Capitol Ave; San Jose, CA 95133
Google Map Link:
Ride Leader: Luke

Dick’s Shopping Center; 1410 S Bascom Ave; San Jose, CA 95128
Google Map Link:
Ride Leader: Alex

Lucky’s; 234 Saratoga Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050
Google Map Link:
Ride Leader: Jonathan


Months of planning have gone into this event to make sure it’s spectacular and memorable. These starting locations should look familiar – they have all been featured in previous bike parties! We are so excited for this weekend! See you Friday!

REMEMBER: Be on time at the start positions! Paper routes will be handed out! Follow the Music Bike!

The celebration doesn’t stop with Friday!
Join us Saturday for the Scalleywag Scavenger Hunt!
Event Link:

…and Sunday for the Spoke-N-Ride!
Event Link:

Amazing Ride Art by Benjamin Henderson Instragram: @ohmaigawd

Music By GiDM