Bike Party’s goal is to build community through bicycling.  In order to determine if we are achieving our goal, we surveyed our riders and participants.

Over 500 participants responded to a self selection survey. (We posted in on the website and sent it out to the facebook group).

These are the results (with 585 completed).

34% of particiapants have attended 1-2 rides

28% have attended 3-4

13.6% have attended 4-6

15.3%  have attended more than 6 rides

After Riding with Bike Party,

30.3%  have purchased a bicycle

78.6% have purchased bicycle accessories

39.6% have paid for bicycle repairs

76% of riders have made friends because of Bike Party.

Because of Bike Party,

57.9% ride their bicycle more often for transportation

77.3% ride their bicycle more often for recreation

79.8% feel more confident riding solo or with a small group of friends

75% have learned more about local bicycle routes

79.8% have learned more about the local community

75.8% have learned more about safe riding

22.7% have participated with other groups