The Short Version of Everything You Want to Know

WHO: Volunteers from all over San Jose and the South Bay (YOU).  Lately our rides include from 2,000 to 4,000 riders on a given night, organized by around 100-200 volunteers (we always need more – help out!).

WHAT:  We are San José Bike Party!  We’re one-half political party, one-half street party – made up of all types of bicyclists and human-powered transportation advocates who celebrate and build community in a monthly ride that must be experienced to be understood.

WHEN:  We start at 8pm every third Friday of the month and usually end around midnight.

WHERE: We rotate our starting point every month and ride 15-30 miles throughout the South Bay.

WHY: To build community through bicycling!

HOW: We have eight basic rules to keep the ride safe.  We ride legally and follow all traffic rules.  We have many volunteers (called BIRDs -Bicycle Information Resource Directors!) who help to lead and direct the ride itself – please listen to their helpful instructions!  Stay far away from anyone who appears inebriated, and encourage them to go home safely – they will likely hurt themselves or others and/or get a nasty ticket before the night is out.

GET IN TOUCH: Follow us on facebook, e-mail announcements list, twitter, or just read the website!

GET INVOLVED:  Volunteer!  Come to a meeting, scout rides, deliver fliers, pick up trash, help encourage fellow riders to follow the rules, put your ideas on our wiki, put your photos on our flickr group, and of course, tell your friends!

BRING: Everything to make your bike legal and safe!

  • Lights (a white front light is required by law, as is a red rear reflector)
  • We ride rain or shine, so bring weather-appropriate clothing.
  • Helmet (not required by law for adults, but always a good idea)
  • Snacks and water – the rides are long, you will be tired!  Stay healthy and hydrated!
  • Repair kits/tools (or a friend who will share)
  • Lock (in case you want to stop somewhere-after party?)

WHY HAVEN’T YOU HEARD OF THIS? We honestly have no idea.