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"own THE ride!"

San Jose Bike Party is organized by a small group of volunteers.

We all have different reasons for starting San Jose Bike Party: to make friends, to promote bicycle culture, a San Jose version of Critical Mass, a way to have a good time, a way to make San Jose a better place, an alternative to spending money at a bar on a Friday night, a way to get people on their bicycles who otherwise would not ride, a way to make friends, etc….

You will see us passing out fliers, making announcements, talking about the ride, and just being a rider. We are also helping at starts, regroups, key intersections, helping get cars unstuck that all to easily get caught in the wave of 100s of cyclists at a time…. asking riders to keep a lane clear (stay to the right), asking if stranded riders need help (and doing what we can), doing what we can to make bike party a more fun and safe experience.

But BIRDs can’t be everywhere. We have about 30-50 active BIRDs on any given ride right now. ALL of these things can be done by anyone! So please be self reliant and bring at least 2 extra tubes, bike tools, water, food, lights (headlights and taillights preferred) to have a more enjoyable time. Patches take too much time to fix a tire, use that as Plan B.

Because we are volunteers, we need your help.  The more people willing to help with the ride, the better the ride will become!!

    We have a number of email aliases for folks who are looking to get invloved that are open for sign up.

  • music – for those who are into music and music trailers to communicate
  • BIRDs – we have a discussion list for active on-ride volunteers (“BIRDs”).  Please show up to a volunteer meeting or a test ride and look for a sign-in sheet to join!
  • routes – we have a list for volunteers who help plan our monthly routes.  Please show up to a test ride and talk to one of the ride leaders.  Usually, anyone who gives a lot of input and participates in the process ends up here whether they like it or not.  : )