Bike The Limits Test Ride 3

When: Apr 30 2023 8:30AM – 11:30AM

Where: San Jose City Hall

Who: San Jose Bike Party


Join us for our third Test/Training Ride for our annual Bike The Limits century ride! We bike the limits of the South Bay as you can bike your personal limits.

Be prepared by bringing water and snacks and $$ as we do make a couple of stops where you can pick up something to snack on or drink. Bring a spare tube and such in case repairs are needed.

Meet at the start location around 8:30am. Wheels hit the street at 9:00am.

Start/End Location: San Jose City Hall; 200 E. Santa Clara @ 4th

Ride Leader:Eleni


This page will be updated within a week of the event.

Turn By Turn

Turn right onto E San Fernando St0.1
Turn left onto Barack Obama Blvd/​S Montgomery St1.1
Continue onto Bird Ave.1.5
Turn right onto Willow St2.4
Continue onto Los Gatos Creek Trail4.2
Slight right to stay on Los Gatos Creek Trail4.7
Sharp left toward E Campbell Ave5.7
Turn right onto E Campbell Ave5.7
Turn right onto Union Ave5.9
Turn left onto Camden Ave7.7
Turn right onto Harry Rd16.1
Turn left onto McKean Rd16.6
Turn left onto Bailey Ave20.7
Turn left onto Santa Teresa Blvd23.1
Turn left onto Coleman Rd30.9
Turn right onto Meridian Ave32.5
Turn right onto Branham Ln33.9
Turn left onto Cherry Ave34.7
Slight right onto Dry Creek Rd37.0
Turn left onto Cottle Ave37.3
Turn right onto Pine Ave37.5
Turn left onto Lincoln Ave37.9
Turn left onto Park Ave40.0
Turn left onto Naglee Ave41.1
Turn right onto Naglee Pl41.1
Turn right to stay on Naglee Pl41.2
Make a U-turn41.2
Turn left to stay on Naglee Pl41.2
Turn left onto Naglee Ave41.2
Turn left onto Park Ave41.2
Continue straight onto The Alameda42.4
Turn left onto Market St42.5
Turn right onto Lafayette St42.6
Turn left onto Lewis St43.2
Turn right onto Monroe St43.5
Turn right onto San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail44.9
Slight right to stay on San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail45.2
Slight right to stay on San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail45.6
Slight right to stay on San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail45.9
Slight right to stay on San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail46.6
Turn right onto Agnew Rd46.8
Turn left onto Lafayette St47.4
Continue onto Gold St49.2
Turn right onto Catherine St49.9
Continue onto State St50.0
Turn right onto Spreckles Ave50.6
Turn left onto Grand Blvd50.7
Slight right onto Los Esteros Rd50.8
Continue onto Zanker Rd52.1
Turn left onto E Tasman Dr53.7
Turn left onto McCarthy Blvd54.6
Turn right onto Dixon Landing Rd57.9
Keep left to stay on Dixon Landing Rd58.0
Turn left onto Milmont Dr58.5
Turn right onto Kato Rd59.0
Continue onto Scott Creek Rd59.4
Turn right onto Green Valley Rd60.2
Continue onto N Park Victoria Dr60.3
Turn left onto Jacklin Rd61.8
Continue straight onto Evans Rd61.9
Continue onto Piedmont Rd63.0
Continue onto N White Rd66.8
Turn right to stay on S White Rd70.6
Turn right onto Tully Rd71.4
Turn right onto Lucretia Ave74.1
Turn left onto Story Rd75.6
Turn right onto Remillard Ct75.9
Turn left toward Coyote Creek Trail76.0
Slight right onto Coyote Creek Trail76.0
Slight left to stay on Coyote Creek Trail76.6
Turn left to stay on Coyote Creek Trail76.8
Slight right to stay on Coyote Creek Trail76.8
Slight left to stay on Coyote Creek Trail76.9
Slight left to stay on Coyote Creek Trail77.0
Turn left onto E William St77.1
Turn right onto S 11th St77.6
Turn left onto E San Fernando St78.0

Everyone is welcome to attend this event, but please, read and follow our “How We Ride” guidelines to keep everyone safe and to keep San Jose Bike Party rolling!  We share the road with other vehicles and we frequently ride in the dark.

Having a great time and want to help? We’re always looking for volunteers to help guide riders at corners or to handle other tasks. Talk to any of the “BIRDs” (look for the “bird” logo!) for details. Or you head over to our Donation Page.

Some helpful hints:

  1. Follow the Law
  2. Be Predictable
  3. Be Conspicuous
  4. Think Ahead
  5. Ride Ready