Bike The Limits 2023

When: May 13 2023 7:30AM – 10:30AM

Where: 200 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113-1903, United States

Who: San Jose Bike Party


🚲 🚲 🚲

San Jose Bike Party presents Bike The Limits 2023! We’re back!

Bike The Limits 2023 is our annual Century Ride (100 miles) looping through the South Bay/Peninsula starting/ending at San Jose City Hall.


Save The Date – gathering will begin around 7:30am. Donuts. Pre-Game, Group Photos.

–> Wheels hit the street at 8:00 am.


Be prepared to be fully self-sufficient on your journey. We also recommend bringing a riding buddy – or making one at the start.

Bring plenty of water, electrolytes, sunscreen, snacks, cash, bike lock, fully charged cell-phone, back-up battery, tubes/patch kit, tire pump/cartridges.

Sorry, no SAG support, and unfortunately we will not be providing a refueling stop this year.

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#SUBSCRIBE to our facebook events page; or sync your google calendar via our website to stay up to date on test rides and other events. This event will be updated within about a week before the event. Watch for test ride announcements.

Turn By Turn

Turn left onto East Saint John Street 0.1
Turn right onto N San Pedro St 0.6
Turn left onto W St James St 0.7
Turn right onto Autumn Pkwy 1.0
Turn left onto Coleman Ave 1.4
Turn right onto Brokaw Rd 3.5
Turn right onto Lafayette St 4.9
Turn left onto Walsh Ave 5.1
Turn left onto E Hendy Ave 9.1
merge on to N Fair Oaks ave. 9.2
right on to East Hendy Ave 9.2
Turn left onto S Sunnyvale Ave 9.7
Turn right onto W Evelyn Ave 9.8
Turn left onto Hope Street 12.7
Turn right onto Church St 13.2
Turn left onto Hope St 13.2
Turn right onto Yosemite Ave 13.3
Turn left onto Castro St 13.4
Turn left onto Miramonte Avenue 13.8
Turn right onto A Street 15.8
Turn left 15.8
Turn left onto Homestead Rd 17.3
Turn right onto Kiely Boulevard 22.4
Turn right onto Saratoga Ave. 23.8
Turn sharp left onto Doyle Road 25.1
Turn left onto West Campbell Avenue 26.4
Turn right onto Gilman Avenue 28.4
Turn left into parking lot 28.5
right turn onto East Campbell Ave. 28.6
Turn right onto Union Avenue 28.8
Turn left onto Camden Ave 30.6
Turn right onto Harry Rd 39.1
Turn left onto McKean Rd 39.5
Turn left onto Bailey Ave 43.7
Turn left onto Santa Teresa Blvd 46.0
Right turn in to parking lot 48.5
Turn right onto Santa Teresa Boulevard 48.6
Turn left onto Coleman Rd 53.9
Turn right onto Meridian Ave 55.5
Turn right onto Branham Ln 56.9
Turn left onto Cherry Ave 57.7
Slight right onto Dry Creek Rd 60.0
Turn left onto Cottle Ave 60.3
Turn right onto Pine Ave 60.5
Turn left onto Lincoln Ave 60.8
Turn left onto Park Ave 63.0
Turn left onto Market St 65.3
Turn right onto Lafayette St (becomes Gold St) 65.5
Turn right onto Gold Street 71.5
Right on to Hope street 71.8
Turn left onto Elizabeth Street 72.1
Turn left onto Catherine Street 72.4
Turn right onto Spreckles Ave 73.0
Turn left onto Grand Blvd 73.2
Slight right onto Los Esteros Rd (becomes Zanker Rd) 73.3
Turn left onto E Tasman Dr 76.2
Turn left onto McCarthy Blvd 77.1
Turn right onto Dixon Landing Rd 80.4
Turn left onto Milmont Dr 81.0
Turn right onto Kato Rd (becomes Scott Cr Rd) 81.5
Turn right onto Green Valley Rd (becomes N Park Victoria Dr) 82.6
Turn left onto Jacklin Rd (becomes Evans Rd then Piedmont Rd then N White Rd) 84.3
Turn right onto Tully Rd 93.8
Turn right onto Lucretia Ave 96.6
Turn left onto Story Rd 98.1
Turn right onto Coyote Creek Trail 98.4
Turn left to stay on Coyote Creek Trail 99.3
Slight right to stay on Coyote Creek Trail 99.3
Slight left to stay on Coyote Creek Trail 99.4
Slight left to stay on Coyote Creek Trail 99.5
Turn left 99.6
Turn left onto E William St 99.7
Turn right onto S 11th St 100.0
Turn right onto E San Fernando St 100.5
Turn right onto S 5th St 100.9