This month’s theme: The Lucky 777’s Ride.

777 Casino TableFeeling Lucky. We sure are. This month, it’s Vegas baby!

Viva Las Vegas


We love bright lights, Vegas dance clubs, and the chance to make new friends. So lets’s do this.

As always we ride on the 3rd Friday of every month. Wheels hit the street at 8 pm and all ride and route details will be posted here or on our Facebook page at least 24 hours before the ride.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind for Fridays ride:


c Hakken1) It’s gets dark early and with a new moon (no moon at all) you need to make yourself seen. But hey that’s what Bike Party is all about. Lights, lights, and more lights.

2) The Raven Bikes will be grounded for this ride so we ask that you please Leave Nothing Behind. Please pick up after yourself and if you see other garbage please do the right thing.

Stay Tuned. Ride and route posted at least 24 hours before the ride.


Las Vegas sign