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Dia de los Muertos Test Ride Schedule

Written on September 25, 2015 at 9:47 AM, by


Mark your calendars for one of the four SJBP test rides this month, because they’re coming to a neighborhood near you! Each ride will be unique.

Our test rides help us improve our routes so you and your friends have a better Bike Party, so come join the die-hard riders and casual cruisers who help keep us rolling for a fun daytime or evening social ride.


South Side Test Ride (Facebook Event)
Mon, September 28 @ 7:30PM
3590 Cas Dr, San Jose, California 95111

North East Test Ride (Facebook Event)
Sat, October 3 @ 3:00PM
Location TBD

Santa Clara Test Ride (Facebook Event)
Thu, October 8 @ 7:15PM
2236 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, California 95050

Campbell Test Ride (Facebook Event)
Sat, October 10 @ 3:00PM
Location TBD

See you on the ride!

The Back To College Ride – September 18th, 2015

Written on September 16, 2015 at 8:00 PM, by


Put a Top Ramen in the microwave!

If you follow these eight rules, Bike Party will be safe and a positive place for riders, drivers, pedestrians, and the community 1. Stay in the Right Lane NEVER ride the sidewalk. NEVER ride against oncoming traffic. 2. Leave Nothing Behind 3. Stop at Red Lights. 4. Ride Straight, Ride Predictability. 5. Roll Past Conflict. 6. Leave No One Behind. 7. Ride Sober! It’s illegal and dangerous to ride a bicycle inebriated. 8. Communicate to Fellow Riders! (We need your help to remind those who aren’t following the rules!) Remember, you are responsible for your own behavior. All participants ride at their own risk. Stay in the Right Lane When possible, routes take place down 4-6 lane streets. This allows for the use of one entire lane while allowing for cars to continue using the left lane to pass. This also means avoiding the right hand turn lane, parking areas, and the sidewalk. Image borrowed from the Midnight Ridazz Image borrowed from the Midnight Ridazz With such a large group, we do not want to tie up traffic for hours. Let cars pass in the left lane. In case you weren’t aware, the sidewalk is one of the most dangerous places to ride your bicycle and riding against traffic is STUPID. We don’t want to see you get killed. Please remind your friends who may not realize they are risking their lives to get on the right side of the road. Leave Nothing Behind There is nothing that will get San Jose more upset than a trail of trash following our rides. Please make sure you throw away your trash at all points and remind your fellow riders that it is NOT OK to litter. Stop at Red Lights Originally San Jose Bike Party stayed mute on the idea of red lights. However, after careful consideration, we decided it is important to stop at red lights because: It Protects the Ride! The number one complaint from the community against Bike Party is that we often run red lights. Don’t give the city, angry residents, or anyone a reason to try to shut the ride down. It Avoids Tickets and Avoids Wrecks! We don’t want anyone to get hit by a car or have to pay a $300 ticket for running a red light. Be safe and save your money by stopping. It Models Bicycle Community! As bicycle riders, we need drivers to respect our rights to share the road. However, in order to get respect, we must also give respect. As such a large visible group, we need to show drivers and fellow riders how to share the road by stopping at red lights. See how beautiful stopping can be? See how beautiful stopping can be?

It’s the Back to College Ride! Bring your college best. Sports fanatic? Put on a jersey! Feelin’ smart? Dawn that cap and gown! This month’s ride is all about the East Side and will start from the SJSU Campus in Downtown.

Guerillaz in Da Mixx and DJ Smokie Smoke will be bringing you the regroup beats at the mobile dance floor. The ride circles back to SJSU in a 16 mile loop. Bring lights, some water and your inner party animal. We will have relief tents (porta pees) at the regroups near the dance floor for general use.

Just need the route? It’s here.

We encourage cyclists to ride to the start rather than drive; reducing auto traffic and parking demand. As always San Jose Bike Party encourages riders to review our “How We Ride” guide. Everyone is welcome to attend this event.

How We Ride


Feeder Rides to the Back to College Ride

Feeder Rides

Since parking is always a premium at the start why not do a short pre-ride with a close group of friends.

North Side Pre-Ride – 6:45PM – Facebook Event
Starbucks at Barryessa
1155 N. Capitol Ave.

East Side Pre-Ride – 7:00PM – Facebook Event
Crossroads Shopping Center
Capitol Expwy and Capitol Ave.

South Side Pre-Ride – 7:00PM – Facebook Event
San Jose Bicycles
565 Tully Rd.

Santa Clara Pre-Ride – 7:00PM – Facebook Event
he Off Ramp Bicycles
2369 El Camino Real

The Route!


Here’s the full turn-by-turn sheet.


Party with DJ Smokie Smoke!


GiDM Guerillaz in Da Mixx

See you on the ride!


Bike Party Welcomes DJ Smokie Smoke!

Written on September 8, 2015 at 11:26 PM, by



San Jose Bike Party will host DJ Smokie Smoke for our September Back To College Ride. Get a taste of DJ Smokie Smoke’s style — check out his tracks on Soundcloud!

Bike Party DJs and the Bike Party Dance Floor are brought to you by Guerillaz in Da Mixx.

GiDM Guerillaz in Da Mix

Guerillaz in Da Mix

Bike Party Goes To College Test Ride Two

Written on September 4, 2015 at 6:17 PM, by


Come join us as we test September’s ride route. This will be a moderate paced ride of about 12 mph. Come meet new friends!

WHEN: Saturday, September 5th, 2015, 12:30PM

WHERE: San Jose State University Campus Quad