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San Jose Sharks rockin’ their ugly sweaters

Written on December 9, 2014 at 12:27 PM, by

The San Jose Sharks get into the holiday season rockin’ their own ugly sweaters. Featured in this mornings Hockey News, the online paper stated “Over the past few years, the San Jose Sharks have made a habit of having a bit of fun around the holiday season. Be it an infomercial for a holiday album or Joe Thornton with a dummy, the videos are always good for at least a laugh.”

Will you be rocking your holiday sweater? Wear your holiday sweater to next Friday’s (December 19th) San Jose Bike Party and get your picture taken at the photo booth. More details later.

Some of the highlights include Jason Demers, now of the Dallas Stars, busting out his best moves, the aforementioned Scott as a grandmother, and the surprise ending of newly acquired Brenden Dillon asking if he missed the rap. It was a great job by the Sharks to throw Dillon into the video, especially with Demers’ cameo.


San Jose Bike Party teams up for the Big Bike Build

Written on December 5, 2014 at 12:46 PM, by

Looks like a great turnout for the annual Turning Wheels for Kids Annual Big Bike Build. Three San Jose Bike Party related teams of volunteers this year:

1. San Jose Bike Party
2. Guerillaz in Da Mixx
3. Emmons Family Team

Thanks to all for stepping up and helping the community. For more information check Turning Wheels for Kids website.

Green Ninja highlights San Jose Bike Party

Written on December 5, 2014 at 10:18 AM, by

The folks over at the Green Ninja show produced by the Environmental Studies department at San Jose State University has produced this video highlighting San Jose Bike Party. Thanks to Eugene Cordero and all the other “Green Ninjas”.

Lucky 777’s Ride Reflections

Written on November 22, 2014 at 11:22 AM, by

Elvis in the HouseWhat a night. The first of our winter rides was off the charts. With a rain free cool evening we hit Campbell and West San Jose like Las Vegas players. Elvis was even seen on the dance floor.

Thanks to everyone for packing their trash. The regroups looked fantastic this morning. You’re all awesome. Thanks to San Jose Bike Party Birds for not only making sure the regroup areas were spotless but for the great help at critical turns. From the dancers on the dance floor the music was big like the lights in Vegas.

yellow poker chipThat being said. Here’s some things we can work on:

  • Please stay as far to the right as possible. Never take the left-most lane. The San Jose Police Department was fantastic last evening. They politely told riders to stay to the right.  It should not take the SJPD to tell us how to ride. Please Ride Responsibly.
  • For most of the ride we did a great job at stopping at red lights. Keep up the good work.
  • Please remember during the winter months we tend to ride through residential areas with families that are more into sleep than parties. Please be respectful and lower the volume on your sound system when going through neighborhoods.
  • And lastly a big yellow  poker chip to all those that packed their trash. We were with without the iconic Raven Bikes last night and you still pulled through. As of this morning the start and regroup areas were looking fantastic.

OK, now its your turn what did you think of the ride? What could be better? And if your really passionate about making bike party better please attend our next volunteer meeting. Thanks again.