SJBP -The Solstice Pool Party Ride!

When: Jun 21 2024 7:30PM – 10:30PM

Where: St James Park – San Jose

Who: San Jose Bike Party


Grab your pool floaties! Everyone in the pool!

Join us for San Jose Bike Party’s The Solstice Pool Party Ride!

Friday, June 21st. Gathering starts around 7:30 pm at St. James Park. Wheels hit the street at 8pm.

Meet: St. James Park (2nd/St. James; San Jose)

A big shout out to this month’s ride leader: Miles Madness!


Bike Party is awesome because YOU ROLL OUT WITH US. Join us. Bring your crew!



Headlights are required by law and tail lights are strongly suggested. We also recommend you light up your whole bike! Being seen can save your life. Besides, why not make a spectacle of yourself! Bring your own party to bike party! Bike decorations loudly encouraged!

How We Ride!

If you follow these rules, Bike Party will be safe and a positive place for riders, drivers, pedestrians, and the community

Ride sober.

Stop at red lights.

Stay to the right.

Pack your trash.

Roll past conflict.

Be nice.

Remember, you are responsible for your own behavior. All participants ride at their own risk. Please ride predictably.

What is San Jose Bike Party?

We’re a rolling party that travels between 15-20 miles by bicycle (or scooter, unicycle, tricycle, roller skates, etc!) through the streets of San Jose and the South Bay on the third Friday of every month. Each month features a different starting location and route that remains (somewhat) secret until the week of the ride!

We break the ride into three segments with two party stop regroups where you can get down on the mobile dance floor with Guerillaz In Da Mixx.

Do you want to help make the magic happen? Message us about how you can help!

We need volunteers to:

– help make sure everybody turns at the right places.

– ride our RAVEN trash trikes.

– help plan each month’s ride!

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Turn By Turn

Turn left onto North 2nd Street0.0
Turn left onto East William Street0.8
Turn right to Coyote Creek trail 1.9
Turn left onto Coyote Creek Trail3.1
Turn slight right onto Roberts Avenue3.9
Turn left onto Phelan Avenue3.9
turn right on to Lucretia4.0
turn right onto Tully rd. 4.8
Turn right to RG#16.4
Turn left6.4
Turn right6.5
Turn left6.7
Turn left onto Monterey Road6.9
Keep right onto South 1st Street8.8
Turn right onto East Santa Clara Street9.6
Turn left onto South King Road11.8
Turn right in to RG#212.1
Turn right onto North King Road12.3
Turn left onto McKee Road12.4
Continue onto E Julian St12.8
Turn left onto North 2nd Street14.6

Everyone is welcome to attend this event, but please, read and follow our “How We Ride” guidelines to keep everyone safe and to keep San Jose Bike Party rolling!  We share the road with other vehicles and we frequently ride in the dark.

Having a great time and want to help? We’re always looking for volunteers to help guide riders at corners or to handle other tasks. Talk to any of the “BIRDs” (look for the “bird” logo!) for details. Or you head over to our Donation Page.

Some helpful hints:

  1. Follow the Law
  2. Be Predictable
  3. Be Conspicuous
  4. Think Ahead
  5. Ride Ready