Join us this Saturday at San Jose City Hall Plaza for an opportunity to make a difference this holiday season. San Jose Bike Party will be helping Sacred Heart Community Service this weekend to help feed our neighbors.  Registration begins at 11:30 AM. Wheels hit the street at noon.

MASH 4 POTATOES is an alley cat race modeled after the SF Supermarket Street Sweep and Cranksgiving type alley cats. The object is to purchase food which will be donated to the needy.

Two rides: SPEED and CARGO

SPEED RIDE: Buy specific food items from the designated grocery stores and get to the finish as soon as possible. A point system will be used to score racers based on number of stores visited and items collected.

CARGO RIDE: Bring back the heaviest load of food. You can bring back extra food in addition to what’s on your shopping list and you can buy the extra food from any store; it doesn’t have to be places on the list. Get your friends and family to give you money so you can purchase and donate more food!

A bike, a bag, basket, panniers, or whatever you use when you go to the grocery store, a lock and money to buy items. Suggested amount is $15-30 for the speed ride.

All food will be donated to Sacred Heart Community Service, which will distribute it directly to the needy in San Jose.