Meet the Artist – Ride of the Gods

Ride of the GodsName: Molly Wroten Age: 24
Residence or workspace (city): San Jose, Ca

What’s your experience with Bicycles?

One of my first memories is of being in a bike race with my Dad when I was a toddler. It was one of the first ways I learned how to get out of the house and engage with the world. I really stoped riding when I got older, but when I moved to San Jose it again became a way to engage with the world and to keep me moving. So I took up riding again, even though I was a bit rusty.

How’d you first hear of SJBP?

Some over enthusiastic dude at my job…who later became my husband. He would talk about it all week; always trying to get me to go to it. I didn’t really get what bike party was until he took me to one, I had never experienced anything like it.

What are your thoughts about SJBP and its effects on San Jose?

Bike party is a true force in San Jose; it spreads a sense of unity through out the city. Both the homeless man on the corner and the CEO at the 5-star restaurant stop to wave or yell when bike party rolls through. I love the way SJBP builds community between so many people who would otherwise probably never come together. I love how welcoming and inclusive the commumity tries to be. What are your thoughts on SJBP artwork?

SJBP artwork is as varied as the people who participate in bike party. Its great to see so many different representations of art for each bike party.

How’d you get into the type of art you are doing now?

I’ve always loved art, and been a very creative person. I like to make art that is not thematically based in the reality that we can see. And I like to experiment with as many different mediums as possible.

Where would you like to take your art from here?

I don’t have a plan, I’d like to just see where it takes