Special Event: Third Annual Bike the Limits – Saturday, May 12, 2012

San Jose Bike Party’s thrid annual Bike The Limits Ride is
Saturday, May 12th! Bike The Limits got its name from the first
ride’s routing, which rolled along the San Jose City Limits! For this
year’s route, we are going to do something completely different. The full
century (100 mile) route will circumnavigate the San Francisco Bay,
while the metric century (100km) route will loop around the South Bay
and cross the Dumbarton Bridge!

The full century ride is divided into two parts. The first leg will
proceed northbound on the east side of the Bay, and the second leg
will return on the Peninsula side of the Bay. You will need to take
BART across the bay between the two parts of the ride, as a bicycle
crossing is not yet available on the Bay Bridge. Please remember
to bring $2.90 for BART fare.
Note that all four BART lines go
between the West Oakland and Embarcadero stations, so departures are
only a few minutes apart.

It will likely be a hot day, so please be prepared! Remember, this is
not a supported ride. We recommend that you find a buddy among the
many riders that will be starting out from City Hall in the morning.


The route maps include some bike shops and food locations, but are
by no means complete. Listings on the map should not be construed
as endorsements, and some of the locations have not been independently
verified (most of the locations were found from web searches).

Metric Century

Full Century


@San Jose City Hall at 8:00am be early so you aren’t left behind…