Volunteer Appreciation





Have beer, pizza and more with us!

Have free beer, pizza and a whole lot more with us Tuesday night!

“Thank You” Event – Tomorrow Night – Tues, Nov. 10th, 7pm (doors will open earlier)

Bike Party couldn’t do it without all of you!

  • Are you a very active volunteer?
  • Are you a very active BIRD?
  • Did you get your BIRD patch?
  • Are you a BIRD w/o a patch?
  • Do you want to meet other great riders?
  • Have you filled out our volunteer form on the “Get Involved” page?

If so then you need to be on our radar screen. If you’re not, then you may not have been invited. And we’d like to thank ALL of our great volunteers, but I suspect we may not have included everybody. There’s an event tomorrow night (Tues, Nov. 10th) that we’d like all of you great volunteers to be invited to.

Note: Our host accepts donations for Second Harvest Food Bank,  so do feel free to bring canned food goods, etc. Your bike ride home will feel faster w/o those cans!

So if in doubt, please do fill out the linked form above.  Regarding tomorrow evening’s event, please email sjbp.prerides@nullgmail.com  AFTER you’ve filled out the form (with the info of how you’re helping SJBP and how many rides you’ve been on etc – would be most helpful as this event is ONLY for very active volunteers)

  • Regarding tomorrow night’s event, Bike Valet is provided
  • This event is ONLY available for active current & past volunteers
  • We do need the “Get Involved” form filled out please
  • We are using an invite process
  • For future volunteers,  join us at a future event

Thank you!