Cut and Paste Route Sheet

Did you know, San Jose Bike Party volunteers pay for the route map out of our own pocket.

As the group gets larger and larger, the cost of copies goes up.

At  Kinkos, its 8 cents per copy.  Multiply that by 300 people.  That adds up!!

If you absolutely must have a route sheet, you are welcome to print out your own.
(we will pass some out, but last time we ran out)


San Jose Bike Party – Feb. 20th, 2009
Mardi Gras Ride
Route Directions


Tonight’s ride is a bit shorter since the winter nights are chilly, so take it easy and enjoy it!  Remember, this isn’t a race – try to keep everyone together, and if you see the group splitting up, call “Slow down!”

Start @ Dick’s Center
L – Bascom Ave
R – 2nd Pruneyard entrance (by Trader Joe’s)
(go through center, loop once in the back, exit)
R – Campbell Ave
R – Winchester Blvd
R – Magliocco Dr (go left on Huff to loop block clockwise)
REGROUP #1:  Magliocco Dr loop (go slowly) – 3.5mi
R – Winchester Blvd
R – Olsen Dr (into SANTANA ROW!)
Across Stevens Creek into VALLEY FAIR parking lots
REGROUP #2:  Top of Valley Fair parking garage – 5mi
L – Monroe St.
R – Bellomy St
L – Alviso St (into Santa Clara University)
REGROUP #3:  Santa Clara Mission loop (7mi)
L – Market St, to the Alameda
L – Hedding St
R – Coleman Ave (up over to Market)
L – Asbury to quiet corner by Guadalupe Park & Gardens
REGROUP #4:  Asbury & Spring Sts – 10mi
L – Coleman Ave (up over to Market)
L – St. James Ave
R – 7th St to SJSU fountain!  (12mi)