SJ Bike Party is organized by volunteers.  We invest our time and money into making the ride better.  If you would like to donate anything to the organization, please email sjbikepary at gmail dot com or approach a BIRD at the next ride.

Things we need:

  • Walkie Talkies
  • Bullhorns/megaphones (25+ watts)
  • Free copies
  • A radio station willing to do a once-a-month Friday 8-12am show tailored to the Bike Party audience

At this time SJ Bike Party is unable to accept monetary donations in any formal capacity (Paypal etc), although you’re welcome to hand small cash donations to a BIRD on a ride with a request that they forward it to your desired purpose/recipient.  Donations are NOT tax deductible, as we are NOT a 501(3)c organization.

In order to keep transparency with our donations and funds, we have a spreadsheet to let you know where the money comes from and where it is going. You can visit it here. Keep in mind, all costs that we pay out of pocket are not recorded.