This month’s starting point and route

It’s still summer, so get your bike ready, have a big lunch on Friday and join the summer party. The ride will be leaving earlier, so DON’T BE LATE!

Starting Point

This month’s ride will start at:

City of SJ parking lot

You will want to note a few things:
  • There is no parking available at the meeting location, as the lot closes at 7pm.
  • Please RIDE your bike to the start spot – you can drive a car or take light rail to a different destination a mile away without trouble and you will avoid most traffic & congestion problems.
  • Park on the street, in one of these orange locations, park at a friends house, ride your bike to the starting location or take light rail (early!! it gets full).


To view the complete route, please check the Map My Ride map here:

August 2009 Route – Beach Blanket Bike Along to Great America

Regarding the route, you will want to know:

  • This route is over 20 miles – plan accordingly, with water and well-stretched legs.  : )
  • This route includes only 2 regroup spots.  The regroups are indicated by the water symbols

August 2009 Turn by Turn Directions

R on Woz Way
L on Almaden Blvd
R on St. James
L on Market St (becomes Coleman)
R on Brokaw Rd
– watch RR tracks past DeLaCruz!
R on Lafayette St
– watch RR tracks!
Regroup #1 – 2nd Driveway
after RR tracks(~6mi)
R on Lafayette
– across Central Expy, move left on bridge
L on Laurelwood Rd
R on Thomas Rd
R on Great America Pkwy
R on Tasman
Regroup #2 at Tasman & Alder Dr
(13mi)    (entrance on Alder Dr)
R back onto Tasman
R on S MAIN St ***
L at Abel St. (becomes Oakland Rd)
–move 1 lane over before Hwy 101
R on E Hedding St-move left ½ blk
L on N 10th St
R on Julian St
–watch for 2-way street past 5th St.
L on N 2st St
L on San Carlos St. — END at SJSU

*** For fast riders:
Follow Light Rail past Main St.
– watch RR tracks & Hwy 680 (twice!)
R on Hostetter – road is not well lit!
L on Oakland Rd (rejoin main route)