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The No Pants Ride – August 21, 2015

Written on August 19, 2015 at 9:29 AM, by

No Pants Ride III


San Jose Bike Party celebrates The No Pants Ride III


 Summertime and the dressin’ is easy.No Pants Ride Tri_Logo

Skirts, kilts, shorts, boxers, skorts, whatever. Celebrate the warm evenings of August and join us for the return of the No Pants Ride.  The month’s 21 mile ride will start  from the Strike Brewing Co. on 10th St. and pass through south San Jose. Our DJ team is Swell Sessions, composed of David Bu Hau and Mr. Brandon. Swell Sessions DJ team and the mobile dance floor are brought to you by Guerillaz in Da Mixx.  The ride returns for a finish at Strike Brewing.  We will be riding a 20+ mile route so bring lights and some water. We will have relief tents (porta pees) at Regroup 1 near the dance floor so check the Regroup 1  photo.

We encourage cyclists to ride to the start rather than drive; reducing auto traffic and parking demand. As always San Jose Bike Party encourages riders to review our “How We Ride” guide. Everyone is welcome to attend this event.

Just need the route? It’s here.

How We Ride


Feeder Rides to The No Pants Ride.

Since parking is always a premium at the start why not do a short pre-ride with a close group of friends.

North Side Pre-Ride to the No Pants Ride

1171 N Capitol Ave San Jose, CA 95132. Leaving 6:45 pm  (Details on FB)

South Side Pre-Ride to the No Pants RideLeaves from San Jose Bicycles  560 Tully Rd., San Jose, CA   Leaving 7:00 pm     (Details on FB)

Santa Clara Sunnyvale Pre-Ride to the No Pants RideLeaves from the Off Ramp Bicycle Shop. Meet up around the west side of the building.  Leaving at 7:00pm SHARP(Details on FB)

East Side Pre-Ride to the No Pants Ride
Leaves from Safeway, 3002 Story Rd., East Side San Jose.  Ride leaves at 6:45 pm. (Details on FB)

Here’s the full turn-by-turn sheet.


And here are some turn by turn directions you can pull up on your phone. Here is a link to the original.



No Pants Ride Details to be released soon

Written on August 14, 2015 at 1:09 PM, by

We release ride details at least 24 hours before the ride. Meanwhile check out this mention in Bicycling Magazine on the San Jose Cycling Scene and a mention on San Jose Bike Party.

photo: Bicycling Magazine

photo: Bicycling Magazine

One reason Bike Party is so much fun is the great beats provided by Guerillaz in Da Mixx and our guest DJ’s. Check out last months fun.


Videos from The Obon Ride

Written on July 27, 2015 at 11:15 AM, by

SJ Bike Party Presents the Obon Ride

The Obon festival was a huge success. We had a playground of over 10 acres with San Jose Taiko starting us off. We also had ten music bikes with DJ Sharkie mixing the playlist as well  and  fire poi with Palm Who?. The San Jose Bike Party video crew was there to record the fun.

Video by San Jose Bike Party Video Crew.

Guerrilazz in the Mixx – Video by San Jose Bike Party Video Crew


Video by Theavee Chao

Video from Richard Masoner

Here’s the quick and dirty on last Friday’s #ObonRide #sjbp #sjbikeparty #SJFixed #danceparty #dancetribe #GiDMxxxx @GiDMXXX

A video posted by San Jose Bike Party (@sanjosebikeparty) on

No Pants Ride 2015 – Theme Teaser

Written on July 23, 2015 at 9:48 AM, by

Let’s get creative

August is our hottest month of the year, so what a great month to have our No Pants Ride. This is always a fun ride to get creative.

Just remember, anything but pants. How about grass skirts, kilts, bathing suits, togas, robes, dresses (even on guys), sarongs, coats, bikinis. Check out some theme costumes from some of our earlier No Pants Rides.

August 21, 2015 at 7:30pm. Wheels hit the street at 8:00 pm. Start location and route to be announced at least 24 hours before ride time.

Photos: Richard Masoner, Carlos Babcock, Tian Harter

No Pants RideNo Pants RideNo Pants RideNo Pants RideNo Pants RideNo Pants RideNo Pants RideNo Pants RideNo Pants Ride

How We Ride