Get Ready to Ride

We all know it’s lame to show up to a bike event and realized you forgot to put air in that low tire, or didn’t bring a jacket on a rainy night. Use this page as a checklist to make sure you and your bike are ready for Bike Party!

  • Be Gear-Ready
    • Check your lights, front and back – need fresh batteries?
    • Inflate your tires.
    • Test ride your bike around the block:  do the brakes, shifters, etc. work?
    • Check the weather – Bike Party rides rain or shine, and it’s often cold.  Bundle up, dress in layers!
    • Bring snacks and water!  We will usually be out for 3-5 hours, and there are few places to stop for water or snacks (sometimes none!).  Dehydration is no fun – an entire Bike Party with no water will leave you a nasty dehydration hangover the next day, if not worse.
    • Bring a lock if you plan to stay out after the ride.
  • Be Responsible
    • Know the law, and follow it…especially when doing otherwise might endanger others.
    • Remember to bring front & back lights, and side reflectors!
    • Helmets are not legally required, but we think you should wear one.
    • No open containers, no public inebriation. You can get a DUI on a bicycle.  It is very expensive and inconvenient, as this foolish rider noted.
    • Review the how we ride page.  Understand how to ride in a large group.  Make sure you can ride in a straight line at a slow speed without swerving, or you will have lots of unhappy riders around you.
  • Leave no one behind
    • Pack a fix-it kit among your group: pump, patch kit, spare tubes, and tools.
    • Make sure you have a friend’s cell phone number in case of a problem.
    • Coming alone?  Make a friend, ask someone to help if you encounter a problem.
    • Check the route – know how to get home in case you lose the group.  A map is a brilliant thing to study & carry – use it!