San Jose Bike Party in the Willow Glen Resident!

San Jose Bike Party in the Willow Glen Resident!

March Ride

Psychedelic Robot Ride March 20th 8:30 PM

Cut and Paste Route Sheet

Did you know, San Jose Bike Party volunteers pay for the route map out of our own pocket. As the group gets larger and larger, the cost of copies goes up. At  Kinkos, its 8 cents per copy.  Multiply that by 300 people.  That adds up!! If you absolutely must have a route sheet, you […]

Route for Friday: Mardi Gras Ride

Follow this link:

San Jose Bike Party in the news!!

Check your local community paper, San Jose Bike Party is going to be a cover story!! The story should come out on Friday, February 20th.  These papers come out every Friday and you can pick them up at your local hot spots/coffee shops/community distributers! For more information:

December Bike Party - Two-Wheel Circus!

December Ride

Two Wheeled Circus!! Friday, December 19 at 8:30 PM Be ready for bicycle competions; track stands, last bike standing, bunny hop competions!  Wear your best clown costume!  Bring your cameras! Remember, Bike Party rolls rain or shine!