SJBP Kidz Bike Party Holiday Lights Ride 2021

When: Dec 19 2021 6:00PM – 7:30PM

Where: Willow Street Frank Bramhall Park

Who: San Jose Bike Party


Join the San Jose Bike Party / Kidz Bike Party for our Annual Holiday Lights Ride! We’ll be exploring some of the best Christmas lights in the city – Willow Glen!

We’ll follow our usual SJKBP format of a 2-3 mile ride at a very slow pace for kids, parents, and family conscious folks. All wheels welcome!

Meet at Willow Street Frank Bramhall Park; 1320 Willow Street.

Sunday, December 19.

Gathering starts at 6pm.

The wheels hit the street for our ride at 6:30pm.



There is plenty of parking – but arrive early to grab a spot and get your family set up. We roll at 6pm.

Dress Warmly in Layers. (#Overacheivers can get matching outfits for those holiday photos. haha)

Put lights on your bicycles; most importantly a headlight and taillight. Especially on your kids.

Your kid(s) should be wearing a helmet (it’s the law).

We are riding in the street in a really large, spread out pack. The streets are not closed to car traffic. Keep your kids on your right side between you and the curb/parked cars. Stay on the right side of the road. Please keep track of your own children. This is not a supervised ride. However, SJBP BIRDs (our amazing volunteer staff) will be on hand to help guide families through the ride.

Check all your bike stuff ahead of time. Make sure you have air in the tires and your chain works.

Bring some hot cocoa or cider in a thermos. And a snack. Trust me. It’s the best.

Turn By Turn

Turn right onto Minnesota Ave0.3
Turn right onto Meridian Ave0.7
Slight right onto Willow St0.9
Turn left onto Glen Eyrie Ave1.1
Turn right onto Carolyn Ave1.6
Turn right onto Willow St1.8
Turn right onto Cherry Ave1.9
Turn left onto Glen Eyrie Ave2.1
Turn left onto Camino Pablo2.2
Turn right onto Willow St2.4
Turn right onto Camino Ramon2.4
Turn left onto Glen Eyrie Ave2.6
Turn left onto Glen Brook Ave2.7
Turn right onto Glen Echo Ave2.7
Turn left onto Willow St2.9
Turn right onto Camino Ramon3.0

Everyone is welcome to attend this event, but please, read and follow our “How We Ride” guidelines to keep everyone safe and to keep San Jose Bike Party rolling!  We share the road with other vehicles and we frequently ride in the dark.

Having a great time and want to help? We’re always looking for volunteers to help guide riders at corners or to handle other tasks. Talk to any of the “BIRDs” (look for the “bird” logo!) for details. Or you head over to our Donation Page.

Some helpful hints:

  1. Follow the Law
  2. Be Predictable
  3. Be Conspicuous
  4. Think Ahead
  5. Ride Ready