POW! WOW! SJ Mural Tour Ride 2019

When: Oct 27 2019 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Where: 6293 San Ignacio Ave, San Jose, CA 95119-1398, United States


Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31353788

The Third Annual Mural Ride with POW! WOW! San Jose, San Jose Bike Party and Silicon Valley Bike Coalition. Join us as we explore the stunning artwork from POW! WOW! San Jose. We’ll hear from Speakers who have a deep insight into the Culture and Art in District 2 of South San Jose.

Come along on Bicycle, Skateboard, Roller Skates or Scooter!

The ~11 mile ride will include a discussion about the City’s art and culture.

Bike Check!!!

Community Cycles of California will be ready at the start point at 10am to help you if your bike needs some TLC. Please check your Air, Brakes, Chain, and do a Quick Check on your bike before you ride.


Air Quality – Moderate

We’re keeping an eye on Air Quality – forecast for tomorrow is “Moderate”, so we’re good to go!


Turn By Turn

Turn right onto San Ignacio Ave0.0
Turn right onto Vía Del Oro0.3
Turn left onto Raleigh Rd0.8
Turn right onto Charlotte Dr1.7
Turn left onto Coronado Ave1.9
Turn left onto Charlotte Dr2.0
Turn left onto Great Oaks Pkwy2.2
Continue onto Poughkeepsie Rd2.3
Turn right into Southside Community Center2.4
Turn right onto Blossom Hill Rd2.8
Take the Cottle Rd ramp2.8
Turn left onto Cottle Rd2.9
Turn left onto Endicott Blvd3.0
Turn right onto Hayes Ave3.2
Turn right onto Apple Blossom Dr3.7
Turn right onto Chynoweth Ave3.9
Chynoweth Ave turns slightly left and becomes Roeder Rd4.1
Turn right onto Azucar Ave4.2
Turn left onto Discovery Ave4.4
Continue onto Branham Ln E4.8
Turn right onto Battle Dance Dr4.9
Turn right onto Snow Dr4.9
Turn left into Great Oaks Park4.9
Turn right onto Snow Dr5.2
Turn right onto Branham Ln E5.2
Turn left into Edenvale Library6.0
Use crosswalk to cross Branham Ln. Left onto Branham Ln6.1
Turn left onto Saddlebrook Dr6.3
Turn right onto Edenvale Ave6.7
Continue onto Lean Ave7.1
Turn left onto Hayes Ave7.3
Turn left onto Endicott Blvd8.1
Turn left onto Great Oaks Pkwy8.4
Turn right onto Las Colinas Ln10.0
Turn right onto San Ignacio Ave10.3

Everyone is welcome to attend this event, but please, read and follow our “How We Ride” guidelines to keep everyone safe and to keep San Jose Bike Party rolling!  We share the road with other vehicles.

Having a great time and want to help? We’re always looking for volunteers to help guide riders at corners or to handle other tasks. Talk to any of the “BIRDs” (look for the “bird” logo!) for details. Or you head over to our Donation Page.

Some helpful hints:

  1. Follow the Law
  2. Be Predictable
  3. Be Conspicuous
  4. Think Ahead
  5. Ride Ready