Keep The Streets Safe in Willow Glen

Get on your bike and ride.
Ride on down to this meeting.

Lincoln Ave Emergency

One very good sign that the street that you shop on; the street you ride on is not safe. Photo: Stakeholders for a Safe Green Village.

As many of you know the city has made some major safety improvements to Lincoln Ave. in Willow Glen for people that choose to ride bikes or walk. Many in the community love bicycles and San Jose Bike Party but sadly many think that fast moving traffic is better than bicycles.

Show them you care. Get on your bike. Better yet. Get a few of your friends together and ride to this meeting. Show them the power of community. Show them that cyclists want the same as them. Safe streets. Many of San Jose Bike Party Riders have families. Tell the city you want these streets safe for your kids.  Let’s do this. Please Note: The date is the evening before San Jose Bike Party’s Reggae on Two Wheels Ride.

Lincoln Ave.

Photo: Stakeholders For A Safe Green Village.

June 18, 2015 | 6:30 PM
Willow Glen High School Cafeteria
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