SJSU’s Green Ninja Team to Join April’s Bunny Ride

Green Ninja Climate Ride Team

SJSU’s Green Ninja Team prepares for this years Climate Ride.

Ah April; longer days, lot’s of sunshine, and all those flowers..

It’s a time to get ready to enjoy the longer days ahead. San Jose State University’s Green Ninja team is taking advantage of those longer days to prepare for this years Climate Ride along California’s North Coast.

The Green Ninja Project is excited to be a part of this years California Climate Ride as a team and beneficiary.  The California Climate Ride is a 320-mile cycling charity tour that begins in Eureka and ends in San Francisco with an overall goal of raising awareness about climate change and supporting environmental non-profit organizations. That’s right, team Green Ninja will be cycling 320 miles along the California coastline for five days!

The Green Ninja Team is an inspirational group of cyclists of all abilities and skill levels with one thing in common: a commitment to maintaining a healthy planet and reducing the effects of climate change. Some of our members are just learning to ride a bike! The Green Ninja Project is a non profit organization that aims to inspire youth to take action on climate change and provide the tools to do something about it.  Be a green ninja and help support us pedal to fight climate change!

Each member of the Green Ninja Team must raise a minimum of $2800 so please support the team  here! A little can go a long way.

The video below was highlighted earlier and includes some footage of earlier bike party rides. The second video is a short clip of a typical training ride.

Green NInja YouTube Channel.