Meet the Artist – The Dead Presidents Ride

Dead Presidents Ride

Artist Questionnaire:

– Name/Age/Location?
Ronnie Twist/26/San Jose

– What’s your experience with Bicycles?
I’ve been riding since I was three but didn’t fall back in love with bicycles until I moved to San Jose at 20 and found Bike Party

– How’d you first hear of SJBP?
An old coworker of mine did an online news article profiling the original founders of the Bike Party movement. After my first ride I was hooked.

– What are your thoughts about SJBP and its effects on SJ?
The effects of SJBP are obvious wherever you go now. Compared to when I moved here six years ago, the amount of bike lanes and even the amount of cyclists on the street are worlds apart. It’s been an awesome sight to see grow through the years.

– What are your thoughts on SJBP artwork?
The art is always something fun to help flesh out a ride. It provides some early imagery and ideas before you get to see everyone dressed up for whatever theme may be in effect.

– How’d you get into the type of art you are doing now?
I’ve always tinkered with graphic design programs ever since the film camera was eclipsed by digital but I still love jumping in a darkroom whenever possible. Photography is definitely one of my favorite mediums

– Where would you like to take your art from here?
I just like sharing the things I see in the world which make me smile. Times when something I make can actually make sense or even provoke a smile in another person I may have never even met are by far the best.

– Anything else you’d like for SJBP World to know? (optional)
Ride your bikes and help each other out. I love my BikeLife Family and so should you!!

How can people contact you for more information on your artwork?  – Please provide here your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, DeviantArt, Email, Website, etc. anything that we can help promote your artwork portfolio/career.

Instagram: @twisted007


Gorilla Ronnie

Ronnie Twist (R) with Nigel strutting their fur at January’s Feathers and Fur ride.