Teri NguyenThis month’s artwork is from Teri “T-Bone” Nguyen. It is  inspired by the geometry found in knitted sweaters and 8-bit video games alike, along with the artwork of Charles M. Schulz, of course with a few liberties taken here and there. Teri is an all-around creative juggernaut with a bike that goes everywhere! For 28 years T-Bone has been living and working with locals who are just as passionate about driving movements for community enrichment.

T-Bone’s current bike is a 2012 bright green Indie from Norco, a beloved hybrid with slightly knobby tires (for the street) and with disc brakes (for the rain).

“I love bike party. It gets people together who don’t normally have a chance to meet, do something spontaneous, and whiz by motorists, screaming ‘PARTY!’ at the top of their lungs.”

Ugly Sweater rideYou can find T-bone’s most recent bike work, development of the monthly skill-share with San José Bike Clinic, and ask about road safety and laws via @killerpnut on Instagram and Twitter.
There is a hand in any and every jam jar of grassroots causes in the Bay Area, including indie films, indie music, local art and fashion shows, making embroidery for the SHARKS and local motorist organizations, you name it… all the while keeping a cool head about what’s REALLY important: enjoying the spontaneous fun.

“This is what every neighborhood should have–it’s family, friends, strangers, and anybody who loves to put blinky lights on things to light up the night.”

Teri is currently refreshing her art portfolio for online viewing. If you really want to get in touch with Teri, drop a line on Linkedin or Facebook.

Thanks Teri