Special Event: Third Annual Ladies Ride – July 14, 2012 (ROUTE POSTED!)

Artwork by Jill Quindiagan

The third annual SJBP Ladies Ride is this Saturday, July 14th! Show up around 5pm for pre-ride activities, and get ready to roll at 6pm. Whether you are a Bike Party regular, or if you want to try a social ride for the first time, the Ladies Ride is the perfect opportunity for women of all backgrounds and riding levels to enjoy cycling together!

Recommendations on how to prepare for the Ladies Ride:

  1. Plan on riding safely. Check out San Jose Bike Party’s “How We Ride”.
  2. If you haven’t ridden a bike in a while, try riding around your neighborhood a bit to get used to being in the saddle again. Keep in mind that you can probably ride farther than you think you can, especially when having fun and socializing with others!
  3. Pack plenty of water and have lights on your bike.
  4. Invite the women in your social circle. This is an event that they will not want to miss!

San Jose Bike Clinic will assist Ladies Ride participants with bicycle maintenance and roadside assistance. San Jose Bike Clinic, which will be coming soon to a location in downtown San Jose, is an educational organization that is associated with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. The mission of the San Jose Bike Clinic is to provide a shared space for bicycle repair and education and to build a robust and diverse cycling community in San Jose. For more information visit www.sjbikeclinic.org.

Spoke cards featuring the artwork above will be available for purchase at the ride. T-shirts can be ordered from this page at Redbubble

Information on the route and more after the drop …

Route information

The route starts at San Pedro Square Market and ends at San Jose State University. The first regroup is at San Jose City College Parking Garage off Leigh Avenue, and the second regroup is at the Benson Center fountain on the campus of Santa Clara University.