Reflections – The Rapture Ride

Bike Partiers: Thanks for making our 4th anniversary simply awesome!  People were so excited and in good spirits last night, that it truly was a special ride.

We knew this ride had potential to be huge and it did not let us down.  We had 4,100 riders in attendance, our second biggest ride ever.  This was due in large part to the weather, which could not have been much better.  A nice warm, calm, clear, star filled October night.

Once again our anniversary ride had 4 different starts.  Santana Row, Campbell, Berryessa Theaters, and Eastridge.  Since so many peeps had different bike party experiences for the first quarter of the ride, there was a lot of “where did you start?” conversations along the main ride. As we joined at the 1st regroup, the riders who got there first saw all these people arrive from different spots and it looked like they were in awe. Likewise, it seemed like their jaws just dropped when those who arrived later saw the Childrens Discovery Museum parking lot completely full.

Food trucks to feed the masses and t-shirt vendors were in abundance at the regroups and music systems were everywhere with a wide variety of sounds.  Kudos to those with music!

Coincidentally, “The Rapture” was predicted by Harold Camping, to have taken place last night, hence our ride theme.  But since you’re reading this today, his credibility is all but shot!

So who won last night’s battle… good or evil? It looks like there were an equal number of angels and devils out there, so were not exactly sure who won.  Some were even dressed up as good and evil in the same costume!  Kudos to those who make the effort to dress up!

One thing can be agreed upon though; our volunteers (BIRDs) did a great job directing riders at corners.  Several bikers were heard commenting about how they were glad that there were people were directing them where to go.  Kudos BIRDs!

There were the usual few red light runners, but the crown in general really stepped up and in comparison to last year’s anniversary ride, was a lot more respectful of our traffic laws.  Many cars making lefts or rights were helped by volunteers or clear minded riders.

There was some litter left behind. But once again, our awesome volunteers (nicknamed RAVENS) did an amazing job picking up and leaving our regroups clean. This is something our riders need to improve on.

Lots of minor crashes and bike breakdowns were witnessed, but no major crashes were reported. YAY!!! Even though there were a few detours being taken by some riders, the routes proved to have been well thought out and accommodated everyone nicely.  Kudos to those who planned the route (and tested out the routes on Test Rides).

BTW, everyone is welcome to join our TEST RIDES. Info is on our FB page or if you’re on our mailing list you will automatically get updated on when and where they are. See below on how to do this.  There are usually at least 40-50 riders of all ages and skill levels and everyone is super friendly. These are a lot of fun!

And if you want to get more involved in Bike Party, there are many other things you can do:

  • Join Bullhorn, our SJ Bike Party Email List. You will get updates on upcoming Test Rides and special events.
  • Attend one of our monthly volunteer mixer/meetings.  If you’re on our mailing list, you will automatically get updated to when and where they are.  Meet other great riders just like yourself and see how Bike Party happens.
  • Become a BIRD (Bicycle Information Resource Director) volunteer.  It’s a lot of fun and you make many, many, new friends.
  • Make a music system for your bike, and add to the party with your play list!

All in all it was a great night!! We’re already looking forward to our 5TH ANNIVERSARY RIDE!! Think of how special that will be !!!!

WE look forward to Bike Party continuing to provide great rides like last night and YOU in our great communities continuing to enjoy them.
Long Live San Jose Bike Party!!!