Reflections – Post-Apocalyptic August

There was a very different ride theme this month… and while some were confused how to dress up, it’s great that so many did among the approximately 3500 riders. We love all those in costume and welcome you to add your pics and videos to our flicker account. We will add a few to this posting.

A huge shout out to all that attend the ride with the right spirit, the volunteers that make this all happen and the vendors at the regroups that make each regroup special. (Note: don’t trash the ride and regroups – pick it up!)

This month we were asking everyone to focus on Letting the Cars Go! This is another way to say Share the Road!

Visibly present in much of the ride was the Santa Clara and Milpitas Police Departments; only the very first and last parts of the ride were in San Jose. Riders were being pulled over for running red lights and for kids under 18 not wearing helmets. At any time, the police can ticket anyone for not having headlights!

(Far too many riders have no headlights, some volunteers sold a bunch of inexpensive lights… thank you!)

Yes we did have some issues with summer riders again: Those that do not care to share the road, cut off cars, ride in an unsafe manner, not listen to other riders, etc. These riders are probably never going to be reading this. But thank you all that do ride safely and courteously… and if you’d like to volunteer in ANY capacity, please do look us up for a test ride or volunteer meeting.