Reflections – Space vs Cowboys

Last winter saw virtually no rain on our rides, whilst this year is quite the opposite.  However, after pouring off and on all Friday during the day, it turned out to be a beautifully clear night.  The actual ride was completely dry until the last few minutes and not too cold.  82 brave Cowboys and Aliens mounted up and braved the weather, ready for a duel.

Those that attended were treated to an extremely fun ride that went deep into Saratoga and Cupertino.  To settle the matter of who would win the duel between our Space Creatures and our Wild West Riders, we had Bike Jousting at the first regroup, thanks to one of the volunteers who keeps this fun going.  It turned out to be a draw, but the real winners were everyone that turned up for the ride.  We enjoyed smaller music systems and kudos to one of our riders who took his BIG music trailer on its virgin ride.  It wasn’t covered up, even though it may have rained, so he is one brave soul!

More good news is that there was only 1 bike mishap the entire night (flat tire at the first regroup) so everyone was free to enjoy the entire ride. This was a shorter route (21 mi.) with longer regroups due to the great weather.  The pace was easygoing and we lost no one on the ride (is this a first?).

One volunteer could not ride, so he drove along to assist with any bike failures and to partake in the fun at our stops.  He even provided boxes of piping hot Peet’s coffee at the second regroup.  This was so awesome and shows the great Bike Party spirit that our riders have.

The last leg of our adventure went through Santana Row which is always a highlight of any ride. And everyone finished the ride by grouping together at the end to share our reflections of the night.  A half hour later a good percentage of riders were still there because we just didn’t want the night to end.

As with last month, another great (weather challenging) ride under our belts!