Reflections – Animation Ride

The 80 adventurous riders that braved the weather were rewarded with a fun and challenging ride experience.  Music was present from a few brave souls and a great spirit was abound.  As one rider put it, ” Purple Rain blaring with the real rain sideways whilst cruzing through the lower SF bay…too awesome!!! “ Lots of great anime and toon songs were heard during the ride!

Many riders were challenged with flats and other mishaps, and to their relief there was no shortage of volunteers and regular riders willing to help out their fellow biker.  We were also lucky to have one of our non-riding volunteers driving behind to assist ailing bicyclists.

We enjoyed a police escort during the first leg of the ride.  A few non-riding volunteers came by to visit at our regroups because they are just that fun.   The first leg of the ride was dry, then showers during the second leg and rain during the last part.  It was amazing to see how many happy riders there were during the last part of the ride, and a few cold and weary ones.  The key is to wear warm, waterproof or water resistant clothes and full finger gloves.

Needless to say those that completed the ride, felt a great sense of accomplishment.  There was even an “after party?” at a local restaraunt, so riders could compare war stories.  Another historic ride under our belts!