Make SJBP Yours! 2 Test Rides & 1 Volunteer Meeting this Week!

See how great it is to stop @ stop signs!

1. TEST RIDE: Tuesday afternoon, April 6th: 4:00-4:30pm start, first 30-45min checking out 4-5 start  locations in Santa Clara & Sunnyvale, leading to all new Bike Party roads into a city and school that LOVE bikes! We’ve not tested this at all. This is the FIRST chance to do this! You can join us enroute after your work too!

2. VOLUNTEER MTG: Wednesday evening, April 7th: 6:45-8:30pm @ Sophisto Society, 1177 San Carlos (between Race and Lincoln (look for the 4-5 big palms in the middle of the street & Sophisto’s  gray curved facade on the north side of the street).

3. TEST RIDE: Saturday, April 10th: 10am start, ending 2:00-2:30pm… thru new BP territory we’ve tested on Tuesday. This will be your last chance! You can join us en route if you wake us late. Like all test rides, all are welcome!

NOTE: IF you have music, radios, etc bring them! IF you have walkie talkies, whistles,etc. bring these too!