Help Needed: 2 Hit & Runs

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Green Ride "Hit & Run" Victim

These are two follow-ups to two separate Hit & Run incidents.

1) Race St  on March 19, 2010 [Green Ride]

2) Hwy 9 on April 8, 2009 [“PLEA date” is Friday, May 7th, 2-4pm]


This incident occurred on Race St on Friday, March 19th. The fact that this happened on the ride where we were honoring Joshua Ryan West who was killed by a driver on Feb. 1, 2010 is especially ironic.

The SJ Police need all of the eyewitness accounts. If any eyewitnesses have not gotten in contact with the  SJ Police, now is the time to do so. Please act NOW before it’s too late! Click on the “more” button below.


HWY 9 Hit & Run

April 8, 2009,  a hit and run collision on Highway 9  left competitive cyclist Ashley Jackson with permanent brain damage in Saratoga (Merc News article).

You can join the “silent protest” on Friday, May 7th, 2-4pm @ 190 West Hedding in San Jose.

Thank you to those that joined the “silent protest” during the driver’s arraignment on Thursday, April 22nd, 9:25am – 10:30am, at the SJ Hall of Justice with the “Support the right to ride your bike at The Hall of Justice

(the following is copied from the Reflections on the Green Ride)

Victim of a Hit & Run

If anyone has seen the crash incident on Race Street, please comment on this thread with useful information and/or contact one of the persons involved.  First-hand accounts of riders that actually saw the incident are needed immediately.

She has asked us to post this specially made email for this:

Please be respectful. IF anyone doesn’t like BP, etc. , please do not send hate mail to this person or this thread.  No one deserves to be hit or have unkind words – especially after a harrowing ordeal.  Thank you!