April’s Uniform Ride – DETAILS

The Party is going North this time!


OUTREACH: deep into Mt View, Palo Alto & Stanford.

We want to visit places many of us haven’t ever seen on a bicycle. We want to ride streets that will accommodate us and the cars we share the road with.    Join us this week as we cover some new territory.


  • Start: 660 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
  • Finish: Plaza del Sol 200 W Evelyn Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
  • Wheels hit the street @ 8:00 PM

Maps and such:

MAP (27.5 mi)     Turn X Turn: Directions Long format: Download

Double sided: Directions

Facebook: link


CalTrain is really close, VTA light rail is a bit far.

  • DT San Jose, Caesar Chavez Park: map (10.06 mi)
  • Leaves @ 6:30 PM, Led by Ryan
  • AMC Mercado shopping center, Santa Clara: map (6.21 mi)
  • Leaves @ 6:30 PM, Led by Ian
  • Campbell Community Center: proposed map (10.4mi)
  • Leaves @ 6:30 PM, Led by Britton & YOU! (co-captains wanted)


Check map: Parking diagram

plentiful and very close, but none at the site. Please do NOT try to park at the site. Specific addresses of 2-3 places to park (and the places NOT to park) will be sent along with the route details.

WORK NEAR SUNNYVALE? Bring your bike to work; eat nearby!


even more fun, contact us ASAP or look for the volunteer circles.


We will have a volunteer circle of bikes at about 7:00-7:15pm. This is where anyone that wants to help get the ride and regroups started and to volunteer (key intersections, keep riders in right lanes, help with trash, etc) will meet. We hope to have different “circles” outside of the main circle based on your tasks. BP runs only due to volunteers, so thank you!

Community outreach:

Cities from San Jose to Daly City are working together to make El Camino a more attractive, safe, walkable, and perhaps even a BIKEABLE road. Let’s make El Camino more bike-friendly!

  1. Learn morewebsite
  2. Get involved – Attend a grassroots organizing training on April 17: facebook
  3. Hop on board– Go to the upcoming El Camino bus tour on May 5: facebook

Bikes Belong Campaign

Bikes Belong’s new campaign peopleforbikes.org just keeps growing. We’re on the verge of reaching 10,000 signatures on our pledge to support bicycling in the United States. But, so far, we’re still missing your name.

Will you take a moment to help us reach 10,000 people for bikes? Sign the pledge now; it’s easy, doesn’t cost anything, and will only take you a few minutes to help us toward a bike-friendly future:  link

Thank you for helping us reach 10,000 pledges — just the first step along the way to one million.



we look forward to the return of MoGo & QuickDog… many bars on Murphy Ave one block away – after the ride!


Walt’s Cycle — get lights, spare tubes, patch kits, batteries and other “must haves” at the Start! Get there early and get what you need… they’ll even have small snacks & water for sale!

Walt’s Cycle is nearby at Evelyn and Carroll St, just east of Murphy Ave.  So if you need more (from padded bike shorts and better seats to any gear or accessories to whole bikes) you know where to go. If you need a tuneup, they take time, so you’d better call first before taking it over there.  408-739-4287. Walt’s closes at 6pm!


it almost NEVER rains on bike party. Weather Underground says Friday night will be “partly cloudy.” This is great cuz it’ll keep the ride from getting too cold!