Reflections – Christmas In the Dark

Christmas in the Dark was a huge success last night, despite three days of doom-n-gloom weather predictions. About 150 started out from under 280 on First Street, and there was about that number at the third regroup. The light drizzle we did get might’ve made our bikes a bit wet, but it didn’t dampen our spirits as we rolled through Willow Glen’s wonderfully lit up neighborhoods. It would’ve been nice for those in the front of the group to have slowed down a little to keep the small group together better, as the traffic lights in downtown spread us out a bit. And many stopping to listen to a few tunes played by the brass band on Glen Eyrie spread us out a bit more too. But who could resist?!?

The second section of the ride included the Dry Creek neighborhood and ended at the Pruneyard garage, where we chilled on the top. Although we sited all the regroups under roofs, mostly it wasn’t necessary. The third leg of the ride took us through Campbell (sparsely inhabited) and Santana Row, with the final regroup on the SCV Medical Center’s enormous parking garage. From the roof, it was neat seeing bike partiers ride over 280 on MacArthur on their way to the regroup all lit up like rolling Christmas trees. We should’ve taken the bike bridge, as only the sleigh would’ve had to detour around it. Stevens Creek over 17 is a very awkward route for cyclists, especially a big group in the rain.

Everyone seemed to have a great time though. With all the dire predictions of driving rain all day and night keeping most away, those who showed up were well prepared for a deluge. We must be a net “nice” group then, as Santa rewarded us with the kind of gentle misting reminiscent of balmy late fall weather typical in the midwest. I bailed at Shasta and Park and was home and dry by 11:30, including a few minutes to wipe down my trusty ’69 Raleigh Superbe 3-speed classic cruiser. As I rolled into the garage, the old phrase “Rode hard and put up wet” entered my mind, and I just couldn’t see treating my old steel steed that way.

So thanks to everybody who rode to see some Christmas lights with me last night. Merry Christmas to all, and to all “ride on”!!!!!