Coming to a Neighborhood Near You!

THE LIVING DEAD…Coming to a Neighborhood Near You!

this will be an OLD SCHOOL Bike Party (with a twist) for our 3rd anniversary ride.

  • New (and newish) Volunteer Training at 7:00pm
  • Volunteer Circles for BIRDs, volunteers at 7:30pm

We have secured many new volunteers. Thank you! But we need at least 50 more volunteers the night of Bike Party as well. If you have no time to volunteer the rest of the month, that’s ok. But volunteer once every few rides the night of Bike Party. Start now!

Volunteers Are Needed to help with:

  • Keeping middle of the sjbp start “car free” allows us to have a better time, meet others… park on the edges of the parking lots or next door
  • Ravens – Trash detail at start & regroups to leave the parking lots clean (can a group help with transporting ~12 foldable “cans” to each regroup?)
  • Key intersections throughout the ride
  • Helping BIRDs at regroups – direct riders deep into the regroups
  • Vocally backing up the BIRDs and other volunteers
  • Helping outreach NOW to bike stores & others that might help with stranded and broken down cyclists
  • Help lead the riders in the “last stretch” home

Get your costumes and face paint now!

  • Contest: Best costumes, pics, videos
  • Food at 7pm
  • Wheels on the Street at 8pm

Details below.

Stop Trashing San Jose!

This is our key focus this month. We need ALL of you to help. Please bring a small plastic bag from the grocery store and take care of your own trash. If you see volunteers collecting trash, step up and help them out! Please lets leave our Starting Points, our roads and our regroups clean and litter free!

How We Ride:

If you follow these eight rules, Bike Party will be safe and a positive place for riders, drivers, pedestrians, and the community

1. Stay in the right lane when possible. NEVER ride the sidewalk. NEVER ride against oncoming traffic.
2. Pick up your trash, leave nothing behind.
3. Stop at red lights.
4. Ride straight, ride predictability.
5. Roll past conflict.
6. Leave no one behind.
7. Ride sober! It’s illegal and dangerous to ride a bicycle inebriated.
8. Communicate to fellow riders! (We need your help to remind those who aren’t following the rules!)

Game Plan:

  • Dress like a zombie, vampire, ghost or ghoul – anything UNDEAD!
  • Have fun! Be ghoulish! Give candy to others! Eat some brains!
  • Bring a small trash bag, help others who may be collecting trash
  • Bring cash for vendors
  • Help out BIRDs and other riders in need

Ride Details:

There are 4 starting points, all coming together to form 1 main ride (like Voltron) and then after the 3rd regroup, everyone returns to their original starting point in 4 ongoing return rides!

  1. get to a start point in a neighborhood near you … NSJ, ESJ, SSJ, WSJ, chill with fellow riders, maybe some BIRDs
  2. leave the core area CAR FREE at ALL the starting points – park in adjoining lots or at the far perimeter! the joy of bike party is riding your bike around meeting others w/o cars! (we need all of you to help with this, not just volunteers having to remind everyone)
  3. volunteer training starts at 7pm at each start
  4. if a BIRD has an extra map, cool … or follow them to Regroup #1, about 6-8 miles
  5. at Regroup #2, follow directions from the BIRDs and go to the very back of the regroup… please keep a center aisle free! please do NOT go to a different area unless a group of BIRDs asks you to (thank you!)
  6. tons of maps will be printed … some BIRDs will be handing them out at R#2… but even the BIRDs themselves don’t have these maps yet!
  7. these maps have the main route and also include the way home after the 3rd regroup
  8. enjoy the ride to two more epic regroups, a special “tricks” event planned for regroup #3
  9. at the 3rd regroup there will be signs where you can meet other riders that want to go back to the same starting point
  10. every once in a while a group will depart – those that want to go back can will look for others to join em, BIRDs and non-BIRDs alike

FYI – all the roads are mellow, no killer hills, total distance for the night = 27-33 mi including the ride back to the start.

Your Starting Points:

Like we said earlier, this will be an OLD SCHOOL Bike Party (with a twist) for our 3rd anniversary ride. No maps ahead of time, just like old times. 😉 The twist? That’s easy: four (4) starts instead of one. Look out for maps at the 1st regroup, there will be very few at the 4 starting points.

SouthsideChynoweth VTA Light Rail Lot, 32mi
Riders group up at on side of station towards Chynoweth Ave @ Pearl Ave
Drivers please only park on the east lots at Hwy 85/87/Santa Teresa
Please cross the tracks carefully thru the gates

Northside/Santa Clara – Behind Frozo’s across from SCU, 27mi
~900 Lafayette, Santa Clara, intersection of Lafayette and Benton

Eastside – Old Mervyn’s Lot, 29mi
Intersection of Capitol & McKee , just north of Dollar Tree

Westside – behind Gold’s Gym, 33mi
700 W. Hamilton Ave, Campbell, 95008
intersection of Hamilton & San Tomas Expressway


There are 4 start routes to the first regroup.  All 4 routes meet up at the first regroup … and become one giant ride. After we chill for awhile there we then go to the 2nd and 3rd re-groups… arriving at the 3rd regroup at around 11:30 to midnight where we’ll have a “tricks” show.  Then you will look for signs in the quad area… these will show the 4 Start locations…. meet there when you want to leave… small groups will collect and you’ll all have a “mini Bike Party” ride back to YOUR starting point. How cool is that?

NOTE: We will be making modifications to this to attempt to make this more clear. But trust us, this will be one epic ride… and with all our new volunteers and so many of you in costume, it’ll be memorable.

If you’d like to volunteer, please be there by 7pm.


North Sunnyvale / Santa Clara (Mercado Shopping center) Leaves at 6:15 Led by Ian