Ride of the Living Dead is coming to a neighborhood near you!

Four (4) opps to ride & how to “BIRD” in the next five (5) days… starting with an “unscary” 13mi ride in the south side tomorrow – Saturday, Oct. 2nd @ 3pm! Near Oakridge at the Chynoweth VTA Light Rail station underneath Hwy 85 & 87!

courtesy of AndyHartmarkPhoto

Two left:

Tues, Oct. 5th @ 6:30pm (6:15 for BIRDs training)
(27-30mi ride)

Wed, Oct 6th @ ~6:00pm (approx time only, details TBD)

I ♥ Bike Party Mixer & “mini” Ride of the Living Dead Test Ride (12-15mi ride)

This is what we just had:

Saturday, Oct. 2nd @ 3:30pm (3:00pm for BIRDs training): we need as many from South San Jose to represent as possible! (ride # 1.5)

Not taken part in a test ride cuz they’re too long? Want a family friendly ride? This 13 mile ride is especially for you!

also on Mingle:
(can register/talk on forum for the Saturday ride – David, our leader does not have FB, we seek additional BIRDs to lead this short ride!)

Sun, Oct. 3rd @ 4:00pm (3:45pm for BIRDs training): (ride #2)
(27-30mi ride)

pics courtesy of AndyHartmarkPhotography