*** UPDATED 9pm, Sept. 16th — How to Get the Treasure Map?  Scroll to the bottom of this event listing – via “Continue Reading –>”!  Note: Comments Closed***Volunteer & Live the "How We Ride" mantra

Volunteer Today – Become a BIRD!

Arr, his be a great ride for costumes you scurvy dogs, even wearing a stinkin bandana can make you look a bit ‘ore lik a pirate! The title “Ride Like a Pirate” has more to do with costumes and getting everyone to join the crew of san jose bike party, to DO something. Pirates don’t give any quarter to stoways.

It does not imply nor are we encouraging people to be jerks and ride illegally. If you want to ride like that, don’t join our ride.

The SJBP “experience” starts @ 7pm, not 8pm!

We have 5+ food vendors – so no need to eat at home – or you’ll miss out on the great sjbp vibe.  We roll at 8pm, but the party starts at 7pm! Allow extra time to get to the start!

Check out this video! SJBP Backgrounder

Get Involved – Volunteer!

Because we are volunteers, we need your help.  The more people willing to help with the ride, the better the ride will become!!

How We Ride!

If you follow these eight rules, Bike Party will be safe and a positive place for riders, drivers, pedestrians, and the community

1. Stay in the right lane when possible. NEVER ride the sidewalk. NEVER ride against oncoming traffic.
2. Pick up your trash, leave nothing behind.
3. Stop at red lights – behind cars already there. Let cars “out.”
4. Ride straight, ride predictability.
5. Roll past conflict.
6. Leave no one behind.
7. Ride sober! It’s illegal and dangerous to ride a bicycle inebriated.
8. Communicate to fellow riders! (We need your help to remind those who aren’t following the rules!)

Remember, Arrive Closer to 7pm, not 8pm!

If you follow the top header, notice 7pm, not 8pm. Get there early and enjoy the Bike Party vibe!

We make sure there are food vendors at the site for you to eat. Bring cash. These are great food and great value for all of us. So make sure to get to work early, have a big lunch and leave work early or on time to make sure to join us!


Last month’s ride was frought with Disresprectful Scallywags and Drunken Rascals abound.  This ride’s route has a limited distribution – if ye are a responsible rider ye must TALK TO A PIRATE VOLUNTEER to stand a chance at finding ye a treasure map!

That’s right, treasure maps aren’t just thrown about the interwebs like Davey Jones’ candied bones. Volunteers [BIRDs] on this crazy ship we call Bike Party know where X marks the spot.

If yer true of heart AND ye can abide by the pirate law of HOW WE RIDE then ye best call a PARROT with a map. And if you don’t know a volunteer or a BIRD it may be best for the cold innards ye calls a soul to get to know one or better yet… become one….ARRRR!

Volunteer – Step Up!

Want to give back to Bike Party tonight? We count on volunteers to make this party happen… Thank You!

Thanks David for making these & Paul for the original art work!