Arrr, peer pressure is ali’e and well. It had better be!

UPDATE: Sept 1 @ 9:00am

Avast ye bike lovers.
Thar be a second Test Ride this Friday Night.

Day: Friday, Sept 3rd Time: 7-10:30 PM


Arrr, for more rides and trainin’ dates see below

Sailors, Pirates and Cabinmates of all experience levels are welcome aboard. Thar will be less hills but not less thrills! The couse has been plot and the treasure map will be sent out Thurs night. Join us if you dare! Arrgh!

After the last 2 months with the huge amount of jerks crashing the party, we talked about all options, including canceling Bike Party for September. The “vote of confidence” in Bike Party was that we didn’t have to cancel Bike Party, cuz we could find whole new boatloads of new Pirates to fight off the scurge that’s been attacking our party.


It’s easier in numbers, so we’re looking for groups of riders to join our Pirate army, our BIRDs, hell even some want to call themselves RADs (Riders Against DBags) … whatever you want to call yourselves, we need you. IF you want to make a patch, go for it…  if you have artwork ready, maybe we can make it for you!

Let’s hookup. Let’s take back the party from the party crashers.

Arrr, we’re lookin’ more than a few good women and men t’ help us on our quest t’ slay the ninjas. Arrr, they’re not takin’ our ride Aye, me parrot concurs. Ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty!

Thanks to the 50+ riders that joined us on the Test Ride and it was great to see a whole bunch of new BIRDs in training. Some killer hills that probably won’t be in the final ride, but fun nonetheless. Stay tuned for the next ride and training opportunities. Please feel free to leave comments about the ride on the link below – but please no comments about the specific start or street names if you can  help it. (we’re keeping all route details confidential).

Arrr, (don’t have facebook, we’re workin’ on a plug in so we’ll have it all har. hang tight, till then have a ol’ scalwag hook you up with the details. we’ll forward the route ant Txt details t’ all registard as “attendin'” or “maybe attendin'”)

whar? it probably won’t be in downtown, look west scur’y dog Gar. shiver me timbers!

Ahoy, come back again for more take back the ride trainin’ dates

*** Save the Date:  Friday night, Sept. 3rd ***

We may ride/train using a route into or thru Campbell or simply meet downtown Campbell at the CycleMania themed First Fridays in dt Campbell.  Every month they have music up and down Campbell Ave, join us.

*** Save the Date:  Wed eve, Sept. 8th ~6-9m (time tbd) ***

Hybrid Ride/Training Session/Volunteer Mixer