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July Theme Teaser

July Theme Teaser

July’s Theme: DEITY RIDE One option: Yasha (on the left) “The yaksha (rendered yasha in Japanese) were an ancient class of usually-benevolent spirit from Indian myth, who presided over subterranean treasures and were worshipped as tutelary deities.” (from this link) Another option: Roman Gods and Goddesses??(think TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!) If so, just be sure to keep your toga […]

Proposed ordinance threatens San Jose Bike Party

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors has a proposed Special Event Ordinance on their June 22 agenda for discussion at 10am. This ordinance threatens the existence of San Jose Bike Party, as well as any rides of more than 50 riders! It’s overreaching and possibly prohibited by the CVC. The Silicon Valley Bike Coalition […]