Special Ride Added – Friday Night, June 4th

subZERO 6pm-midnight. for SJBP ride – Start: 7pm, Wheels on Street: 7:20-7:30pm   Sign up now!

What is subZERO?

  • “SubZERO is a diy, artistically bent, hi/lo-techno mashup where street meets geek.”

Join us on this great ride!

Shorter ride than our “normal” bike party rides at about 16 miles, split into two 8 mile sections.

Wheels on Streets Times

  • Start: SoFA, 1st & San Salvador ~ 7:20-7:30pm
  • Mid Point: Cesar Chavez Plaza ~8:10-8:30pm
  • End: SoFA, 1st & San Salvador ~ 9:20-9:30pm

The route map is now available.
Turn-by-turn directions are here: pdf, plaintext

If you can show up early, please do. The link to the Metro article about subZERO can be found here.

If you can’t show up until about 8pm, catch the second part of the ride. We will be riding in four neighborhoods near downtown. Please dress up your bikes as brightly as possible for “Friday Night Lights!”

Please bring your cameras and video cameras too! Check out this video from Nathan Ambriz (veloMister) or from unknown (kidsurface) for ideas on what you can do.

Here are the subZERO’s webpage and facebook page.

subZERO is a crazy fun place with tons of artisitic things going on.

So we’d love for you to do all you can.

To promote this, our friends at BikeGlow have a special deal for you!

For $20, you can get a great Bike Glow for your bike! This is 20% off!

NOTE:  subZERO is from 6pm to midnight!