Reflections on Ride #30 – The Green Ride

2 Ladies @ 1st regroup, courtesy of warrenpmd

Chilling at the first regroup...

Once again, the weather brings out the riders!  The end of winter brought a record March crowd of over 2300 riders.

Cyclists showed the amazing solidarity of the bike community by dismounting and walking our bikes to honor a fellow cyclist.  A reckless driver killed Joshua Ryan West and left his 7 year-old daughter without a dad.  The sight of a sea of flashing lights walking quietly past the memorial site was poignant and moving.  We hope that this highlights to cyclists and drivers alike how careful we need to be – one careless act behind the wheel of a multi-ton weapon leaves a terrible and preventable tragedy.

As usual, Bike Party riders brought great attitudes and a lot of people stepped up to help out, whether BIRDs or not.  First-time volunteers made the ride great – we need a lot more of this!  Thanks to all those who helped stop the ride to let cars through – many of you stepped up and made a lot of folks’ night better. We need more volunteers.  Get Involved!

Memorial to Joshua West

Memorial to Joshua West @ Lark

We need to share the road and ride legally and more courteously at all times.  When we show respect to our car driving “brethren” it comes back in unexpected ways – including lots of cheerful honking and hollers of joy from area residents last night!

The start and  regroups were amazing as usual, this time with more riders riding deep into the regroups, especially the one after the memorial on Lark. We did the best we could to get cyclists out of that regroup – even with a malfunctioning traffic light. Shout out to MoGo BBQ and QuickDog for their great eats at the starts and regroups. Please show your support with a Yelp review (MoGo & QuickDog)!!

Of course, not all is so rosy.  We all need to be on the lookout to correct and remind inexperienced & thoughtless riders how to ride predictably, stay to the right, and let other traffic through.  Remember, we learn through repetition, so your reminder to a fellow rider might be the one that finally teaches the lesson. 

Victim of a Hit & Run

If anyone has seen the crash incident on Race Street, please comment on this thread with useful information and/or contact one of the persons involved.  First-hand accounts of riders that actually saw the incident are needed immediately.

She has asked us to post this specially made email for this:

Please be respectful. IF anyone doesn’t like BP, etc. , please do not send hate mail to this person or this thread.  No one deserves to be hit or have unkind words – especially after a harrowing ordeal.  Thank you!

Please add your comments about how this ride was impactful, fun, etc. to us.  This is our chance to not just hear about the ride but how each and every one of us can also “step up to the plate” as so many did last night and at every Bike Party.

If you have pics or video from last night please post them on the sjbikeparty flickr account.  Keep in mind that for ethical and legal reasons, pics of the crash incident may not be appropriate to post.  Thank you.