What a fantastic ride last night!  Around 1000 people passed the split where the ride took two routes, and a bit over an hour later everyone was back together again near Capitol and McLaughlin.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their chosen route – even the hillsters who looped around in circles climbing above Evergreen valley!  The strong energy, playful spirit, and all-around helpful, friendly vibe made the night amazing.


Volunteers really stepped up, with folks directing traffic right and left and helping to round everyone up at regroups – nice job with the soundsystems!  Big props to the “Bumpin’ Beaners” and the big black soundsystem for great tunes and the help leading us out.  Several volunteers even met up afterward, bringing the community together once more before bedtime.  Share your reflections here in the comments – if we see any recurring themes, we’ll add to this post.

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