Kick off the year Running the Bulls with a mellow OR challenging ride through the Evergreen hills!

You've always wanted to run!

You've always wanted to run!

We will start together at Eastridge Mall (Eastridge Center) then split horns at Ruby & Quimby, with the “mellow” flatter steer chase heading North and West. The “challenging” steeper bull run will roll East and South. Both rides will meet up again on Yerba Buena road near Hwy 101 to ride to downtown San Jose. We’ll try to keep the mellow steer ride regroups short so we can coordinate both routes to meet at a similar time on Yerba Buena. If you’d like to go back to Eastridge after Regroup #3, simply take a right on Tully Rd.

TIME: Show up by 7:30pm – Wheels hit the street at 8:00pm!


Mellow Steer Ride: MapMyRide (the flatter version), “Visual Map” (all of ride) , the “Turn by Turn” directions (double sided format)

– or –

Challenging Bull Ride: MapMyRide (the hilly version), “Visual Map” (only miles 3-10.5, see other map too), the “Turn by Turn” directions (double sided format)

Note: The Mellow ride at 220ft elevation overall is slightly more than average…but the 486 ft for the “Challenging” ride is great… but only if you know how to ride! Be sure to let faster riders pass on the left *inside the rightmost lane* and let slower riders merge right.

For Pre-Rides please look at “more” down below.

Note that the VTA Alum Rock station is only about 2.75 miles away and the Curtner station is about 4miles away. (DT SJ is 5.65 mi away – you can park there and join a Pre-Ride)

As always we need Volunteers at key intersections and to ensure riders go deep in to the regroups!

Proposed Pre-Rides

Bike Partiers live all over town, and many people like to ride together to the ride – especially since any experienced Bike Partier knows parking and transit near our ride starts are usually no fun. These “pre-rides” are a nice way to meet with others on the way to the ride.

Pre-Ride leaders are needed for these!

Click on the starting location links below for suggested routes.

Starting Locations Distance

Est Start Time

Pre-Ride Leader #1

North SJ – Rivermark/Santa Clara 11.1



East SJ – Capitol & McKee 4.40


Justin/Tanner perhaps???

Downtown SJ – Camera 12 5.65




Scott & ??


Lloyd, Rapid Robert (Bob)

South SJ – Oakridge (@Oak Tree in pkg lot) 8.40


“well lit” Townie Bill

West SJ – Campbell Comm Center 9.44


No leader – can you help?