Come out for an amazing and friendly evening of bike chat and sweet learning!

Amber & Ben loving the meeting

Amber & Ben loving the meeting

Bike Party’s monthly volunteer meetings are where it all happens, and where we need YOU to step up to make it even better.  Routes get planned and arranged on amazing test rides, but every other part of this unbelievable phenomenon is planned and discussed at meetings – fun ones, at that, full of wonderful bike people!

This month’s meeting is Wednesday, January 6th at 6:45pm at the centrally-located Sophisto Society!

Bike Partier Tim will teach us how to make affordable small sound systems that can go on ANY bike (no trailer needed!) with painless non-technical set-up!

We’ll discuss how to plan “bonus” rides and other events and we’ll get updates on bike events and news around the valley.

See the entire agenda as a PDF!

Most importantly, we’ll hang out and have fun with other wonderful volunteers and figure out ways to make all of our fun crazy ideas happen!

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