Hang out with fellow riders - free food, drinks, raffles, discounts.

Hang out with fellow riders - free food, drinks, raffles, discounts.

Wed, Dec. 16th,  5:30-8:30pm

Join us for a Winter Wonderland party in at Sports Basement in Sunnyvale (Yelp for this location).  This is one of their sponsored discount nights for local bike organizations.  You get a discount and free food and drink, and Bike Party gets a cool venue for a gathering for a night.

It’s a low-key, fun vibe – not to mention a good chance to stock up on much-needed lights and fenders before the December SCARF ride towards LOS GATOS on Friday the 18th! (Actual ride details coming soon…)

Please sign up here:  Sports Basement 12-16-09 Guest List

For the top 10 list of thing other riders suggested to “winterize” you and your bike, click “more.”

Winterizing You, Your Ride & Your Riding Style

Survey Results from 160+ SJBP Riders

Winterize You Winterize Your Ride Winterize Your Riding Style
10: Winter hair and/or cover your ears, face if really cold 10: Rear rack instead of backpack (you’ll sweat less) 10: Eat better during the day, drink a lot
9: Helmets 9: Inflate tires properly 9: Thermos-drink something warm!
8: Shoes/shoe covers 8: Spare tubes 8: Assume cars can’t see you or stop in time
7: beanie/beanie under helmet 7: Cover seat with plastic bag (in case it rains) 7: Take turns slower, brake slower
6: padded biking shorts and/or pants 6: Stronger lights – front and rear. You need lights! 6: Leave room in front of you – esp if rider doesn’t have fenders
5: Synthetic socks 5: Tune up 5: Ride straight! Take the lane!
4: Avoid cotton & fleece –  thermax, polypropylene,etc instead (wicks sweat better) 4: Lube chain, grease bearings, check & adjust brakes 4: Keep it tight – no huge gaps for cars to squeeze in – stay in groups
3: Windproof & Breathable gear-jackets & pants 3: Clean up your bike immed after each ride 3: Follow ride leaders
2: Full gloves 2: More tread 2: Leave room to brake
1: Dress in Layers – base foundation (see 3&4 above) 1: Fenders! 1: Ride more cautiously

Also, since we canceled our monthly volunteer meeting this month, this evening is one of your best chances to meet and chat with other Bike Party volunteers!

For anyone wondering, SJBP does not endorse or explicitly support any particular retailers.  We encourage everyone to support local businesses that support local bike culture, advocacy, and organizations.