Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo?

Weather update:  Forecast says dry skies for the ride!  Bring canned food!  Maps and Routes below updated for clarity!

Hellyer Velodrome (7-8:30pm bike & roller derby races & party)
– or –
former Capital Buick/GMC (regular start)
It’s your choice! (park in Campbell, dt SJ or Capitol VTA – but NO parking in/near Hellyer Velodrome – and please drive instead of taking VTA if possible)

Just as Waldo explores a new environment with every new page, so SJ Bike Party turns the page on another exciting adventure through new territory of Southeast San Jose!  This month’s ride brings:

  • a food donation drive with Second Harvest Food Bank!  bring non-perishable food to the start!
  • new roads you’ve never seen before – some great, some sketchy
  • a mix of ‘hoods from dense & urban to hilly & country open space within city limits!
  • new libraries and other new city buildings
  • Northern California’s only active velodrome with a race for you!
Bring a can - you know it!

Bring a can - you know it!


  • Please review How We Ride before joining us – it’s the single most useful guide to the Bike Party experience!
  • Read Get Ready to Ride for a checklist of things to remember.  Bring lights and wear a helmet!  This ride hits some very dark roads with occasional rough pavement – be prepared!
  • Bring fenders and rain gear – we ride rain or clear – and rain seems likely.
  • Help us keep the party festive – colorful costumes, bright lights, and music trailers make the night a blast!  Please do try to keep noise down in residential neighborhoods, and be sure to ride sober – some more foolish riders have discovered the hard way that $400 tickets are no fun.
  • Ride to the ride! Please do NOT plan to park a car at the start location or at the velodrome – there is absolutely no parking at either location.  Plentiful parking near the start/finish at VTA’s Capitol Station, north & south of Capitol Expy @ Narvaez.

Hellyer Velodrome track party before November's Bike Party!

Hellyer Velodrome track party before November's Bike Party!

Bike Party can help you get to the velodrome races!  These pre-rides will go straight to the velodrome to catch the race event and then meet up with the rest of the Bike Party when it rolls near the velodrome:

If you can’t come early to see the races at the velodrome, join us to catch the main ride:

Full Map & Directions

Main Ride: 20 miles – from the wide expanses of Capitol Expressway to winding Coyote Road to high density development streets… finishing at the starting point.

Turn by Turn Directions: Please print out 10-20 copies so you can share with others. Thanks!

Help Needed!!  Can someone can check out actual signage for turn off of Blossom Hill onto Endicott/Great Oaks,etc? Please email what it says to sjbp.prerides@nullgmail.com   Thanks!

Going Home

For those interested in riding home to downtown San Jose after the ride, here’s a map specifically for you: Capital Buick to DT SJ – SJ Rep

For everyone else, just ride the reverse of how you got there!