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It’s getting to be near that time once again!  Our 26th ride approaches on Friday, November 20th!

Test riders and planners have been working hard to fine-tune the details, and we have some exciting developments:

Hellyer Velodrome track party before November's Bike Party!

Hellyer Velodrome track party before November's Bike Party!

  • Get ready to go farther Southeast than we’ve gone before!  Remember, cars aren’t the only things that run on Capitol Expressway!  What if the “Auto Mall” were instead a “Bicycle Boulevard” or a “Pedestrian Parkway?”  I’m sure we would find lots of Waldos there!
  • Come out to an amazing pre-party thrown by San Jose Bicycle Club at San Jose’s Hellyer Velodrome, a unique piece of South Bay cycling history!  See the flier for details – the main Bike Party ride WILL stop by this location, but AFTER the event.  This means if you go to the Velodrome early, you don’t need to go to the main start.  Conversely, if you go to the main start on time, you will miss the Velodrome event.
  • Bring a can of food (or more!) to the ride!  With unemployment and foreclosure rates at historic highs, many San Jose residents need extra help this year.  Amazing Bike Party volunteers are rising to the task, organizing a food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank!  Volunteers will be out at the main start and probably at the pre-ride starts as well to collect much-needed non-perishable foods.
  • Remember two things about getting to the ride:
    1) As usual, there will be NO convenient car parking near the start location.  If you’re carpooling, plan to park a mile or two away and ride to the start.
    2) Do NOT plan to ride VTA Light Rail or buses to the ride start – they will undoubtedly be full to capacity and any strain on VTA’s system by Bike Partiers only pushes ordinary riders off and makes us look bad.  Please join one of the pre-rides (from downtown or Campbell) or ride independently.
  • Finally, as the winter season comes upon us, it’s worth reminding each other:  Bike Party always rides, rainy or clear!

Get your bike tuned (be sure to see our get ready to ride page), your Waldo costume ready, and your non-perishable food packed!  See you Friday!