5_dia_de_los_muertosTest Rides are a great way for all riders, newbies thru expert riders, to experience Bike Party. For those wanting to help SJBP, joining a Test Ride is a great way to step up and experience the specific places on the ride where we’ll need help. So join the rides this Saturday! We’ll have great weather too!

We want 25-30 more riders for east SJ and 10-15 more riders for west SJ.

Great riders of ALL styles, speeds, etc are welcome.  No need to be intimidated. We want these “Dry Runs” to simulate an actual SJBP ride: ALL of the riders, fast to cruising! So join us!

General info below…. more detailed info will be sent to those signing up to attend. Thank you!

We have East San Jose and West San Jose routes we’d like to test. They start & end in respective locations, but there will be a very large shared section of the ride this Saturday!! How these two come together is what we want to “test!”

** Pre-Rides are available and start in downtown San Jose @ 8:15-8:30am, Sat., Oct. 10 **

Facebook links below.  If you don’t have Facebook, email us at testrides@nullsjbikeparty.org

East SJ : 9:00am-12:30pm
* Ride leaders: Tanner & Yoshi
(we want 5-8 leaders for front, mid, rear pack)
** Pre-Ride (dt SJ to East SJ) is led by Yoshi ~ 8:30am, Sat., Oct. 10 **

West SJ: 9:00am-1:00pm
* Ride leaders: Jeff & Erik
(we want 5-8 leaders for front, mid, rear pack)
** Pre-Ride (dt SJ to West SJ) is led by Ryan  ~8:15am, Sat., Oct. 10 **